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Verdant Regulatory Consulting is a full-service independent consultancy here to help your business navigate the complex landscape of regulatory compliance for fertilizer and soil amendment products.


I have studied and worked in the field of plant science with a focus on fertilizer for the past 10 years. My experience with the ins and outs of fertilizer and soil amendment regulations means I can provide expert advice and strategy to your business. Whether you need single service assistance or a full-service agent, when you partner with Verdant Regulatory, you'll get the tailored services and support you need to obtain and maintain product compliance.


Providing friendly and efficient service is my ultimate priority. Get in touch today and let Verdant Regulatory get your product registered and ready for market.

Photo of K.Sanders
Kayla Sanders

Owner/Regulatory Consultant

Why partner with Verdant Regulatory? 


Flat rate fees to provide your business with straightforward estimates so you can accurately budget and forecast costs.


One-on-one, friendly consulting service with quality solutions tailored to meet your business needs, great and small.


Effective registration strategy and management to maximize time frame and minimize cost for your business targets.


Expert knowledge of current laws and experience with government officials to successfully guide your business through regulations.

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